Make the most of your groups

Why Use GroupVite?

Whatever the occasion, our simple tools save you time and help you get the most out of your groups

Save staff time with automated group payments

Grow your offering with packages tailored for groups

Group members can make payments at any time

Dashboard lets you know who will show and gives you back control

The contact list allows you to communicate with the group

Group organiser just has to pick the venue with GroupVite

How it works


1. Create

Create a Vite payment page


2. Share

Share the Vite with the group organiser


3. Collect

Collect payments into your Stripe account

Collect money when you need it

You can quickly begin collecting from groups by connecting your GroupVite account to Stripe, our payment service provider. We use Stripe so that you can access funds before your activity takes place.

Group Member

Your Stripe Account

Bank Account

Payments are deposited directly into your Stripe account.
Stripe makes rolling transfers every seven days into your bank account.
Keep this in mind when setting deadlines.


Just 2.25% per transaction, capped at €7.50 (+ Stripe fee)


Or pay a subscription after signing up for lower fees and extra features.

Takes the stress out of planning. If you're an organiser, GroupVite is a must-have.

Janet Newenham, The Adventure Pack

You don't have a group until you have a group that's paid.

Killian O'Kelly, Turf 'n' Surf

It's not that people don't want to pay, it's just they sometimes forget.

Sinéad, Bridesmaid

Start collecting in less than five minutes

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